Feb 1, 2012

The battle - 55 fiction #2

She struggled hard, trying everything in her will to conquer it. It seemed never ending. Just as she thought she had it under control, it slithered like a snake out of her hands. Winning against it seemed almost impossible.

Exasperated, she cried out, “Why the hell is draping a saree such a painfully difficult task?”


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  1. Well Amo it seems you are getting very good with these 55 word fiction . I like theme , I guess , soon ,I will try my luck with a couple of these 55 word creations. Was it YOU trying to drape the saree ? Just joking. Love you, kid.

    1. It was just another attempt with 55 words ! Waiting for you to try your hand at it. I am sure it is going to good keeping in mind the suspense you generally keep :)

      And No, it wasn't me but every other girl :P

  2. LoL! This one is brilliant! When it started off, I thought it was a cat fight between two women... turns out it was far worse :p
    Hope you're able to conquer thy "enemy" in the battle field. Follow the motto: Try, try and try till you succeed... if you still fail to win, stick to salwars, business formals and informal clothing :p

  3. Hehehe...funny:D Great work, Amo. Had one fun reading this one...what an imagination you've got :D

    55 words seems to be another area in which you're a pro, huh? Loved it...


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