Mar 15, 2012


My name she whispers, ever so softly.
Her fingers, they caress me.

Calling me, she has been, forever.
Her invite, it tempts me.

Seduction is her game. I thought I had seen through it and had gone past all of it, but, I think I shall fall prey soon. She’s a free spirit who taunts my bondage. She‘s a wily witch who promises to show me the pleasures of a free run. Of her capabilities, I have no doubts. For, she has the ability to take me to places I have never been to. But, I had never considered it worthy. I loved my values. I loved belonging to someone. But, now, when I am old and wrinkled, I have doubts if I am wanted here any longer.

Do not resist me”, she says in her honey voice.

I look back at the life I spent, of the memories bygone. All my youth I have watched her sway around me, trying to lure me. It’s true that I flirted with her, swayed to a few tunes too; but, I had scoffed, even laughed at her dejected face when I rejected the offer to join her.

One day, you will, just like the others”, she had smirked at me.

My end is near. And I knew the time has come, to let go off myself, to accept her invitation. It is better to drink the beauty of her companionship, one last time, rather than to see an abrupt end.

She smiled victoriously for she had attracted yet another victim.

Gently, she caressed me as I held her waist, swirling sweet tango. Breaking my bond with my abode, I took off with her, for a final dance, for a rendezvous, quivering because of the fierce passion she exhibited.

Accepting her invitation was worth the sights and the pleasures she had to offer. Contentment, I felt.

Rest in peace”, the autumn breeze whispered as she blew the dried maple leaf to the nearby lake.


Inspiration : The photo below posted by a colleague Gopalakrishna Hariharan in SLR Bulletin Board of my company.

Thank you for permitting me to share it :)

Plus the dancing peepal leaves that I saw near the IIIT junction. (Being caught in traffic sometimes has advantages :D)

PS : This post has a guest entry contributed by an angel which I shall share in the next post !

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  1. Wow.. Loved it. :) Nice one :)

  2. Fantastic. Very very good. Loved this post thoroughly. You have a lovely sight that sees so minutely and captures the feelings of everything so well. Keep it up Amo. Love you

    1. Thank you M.. My eye sight as such is very bad but somehow it becomes sharp when I want to see certain things selectively.. Love you loads !

  3. This post is wonderful,I simply loved it. Beautifully written, with a fantastic ending. Keep writing. I love your posts, Amo.

    1. Thank you D.. I am so happy that you loved it :)

  4. Hey awesome!!!!
    loved the way the protagonist thinks that he rejected her in youth quite often, but now is attracted to it!!! :)
    another good one from your vast arsenal.....

    1. Thanks Akxat.. Happy that you finally dropped in after a long time.. You should know that I am waiting for you to write something too :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you ashok for dropping by and giving it a read :)

  6. Hats off for the marvelous post! You truly have a style of your own, and it's amazing how you describe the relationships between the different elements of nature! And yep, somehow a maple leaf or a bunch of them getting blown around by the breeze gives a beautiful effect - unless of course you're living in Canada and have to clean up your backyard everyday courtesy of the leaves :D
    Loved it totally! Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thank you smarto.. The breeze is magical and the objects that caught in them act like star dust and we have no choice but to get mesmerized :)


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