Mar 28, 2012

November rain

Coiled threads of memories intertwine with jumbled emotions just like my fingers on his hair.

Nothing has changed over the years. He still sleeps like a smiling angel.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when I set my eyes on him? Love at first sight?
No, I was already in love even before he made his dramatic entry into my life.

I have always loved November rains for the calmness they exude in spite of the heavy torrents. Wasn't it on one such night that God bestowed this gift?

The rumble of the thunder pierces my swirling thoughts. I walk to the window and stretch out my hand to catch the first few drops of November rain.

It sure is a symbol of new beginning.
Or is it a perfect ending to the relationship we share?

I curse myself for such thoughts. How can I be so doubtful, so selfish?
This relationship can never be tainted. The oozing drops of any other color, even if it is red, will just beautify it more.

But hadn’t Vani told me how things changed?
I feel torn. I am not sure any more.

I watch as the rain pours down in torrents just like my tears.

I don’t see him walk up stealthily to me. It is only after he holds my hand that I realize his presence next to me. He clasps my hand tightly and looks at me.

Just like old times”, he says as he smiles.

We both stretch our hands into the rain together, just like the hundreds of times before. Time seems to have flown by in a jiffy.

But, he is still like the November rain- gentle, tender and loving.

Nothing will change about us, even if I fly half away across the globe. I promise, Mom”, he says.


P.S : Wrote this in a jiffy and published it even though it did not turn out how I wanted it to :/
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  1. Well even if it didn't turn out the way you wanted, I loved it :)
    I promise to give a detailed comment on this post, as well as all the previous ones one which I haven't commented till now...soon. Just searching for some time to breathe :(

    1. Thank you so very much sweet :).. Comment at your convenience.. koi jaldi nahin paagal :*

  2. This was beautiful. Seriously :)
    I love the title too. And your profile picture :)

  3. Very nice Amo. Loved it. Just read it and wanted to let you know immediately that it touched me. May be because I am a Mom with an adorable son who is always very close to my heart even if he stays far away. Loved the mother's feelings.

    1. I was dead sure that this post would go down as one of your favourites.. After all, I thought of you while typing out the post :)
      Glad you loved it M :)

  4. Wow! Another masterpiece from one of my favoritest writers! Totally loved the entire post, especially the twist in the end which I could relate to :)
    There're never any endings when it comes to relationships with loved ones - only new beginnings and renewals!
    Keep writing!

    1. Yes, relations that matter the most never can have endings !
      Glad you loved it and were able to relate to it.. :)

  5. Emotions expressed so well.the post touches one's heart. I was my mothers favourite son. I miss her till this day. loves the post, kid.


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