Sep 6, 2011


“In spite of the darkness around, I can see your curled up silhouette on the bed.
I wish I could come and hug you while you are in your sweet siesta and you would not know of it!
I wish I could kiss your forehead and run my hands through your hair while you are lost in dreamland.
I wish I could understand what you mumble, see what you see when you lay oblivious of the cruel world outside.
I wish I could hold you close when you shiver in sleep.
I wish I could see you sleep and lose myself in the same somnolence lying next to you”

Sweeping a last glance, she closed the door and took her heavy step stealthily. She was late but, she had no other option. She couldn’t be disposed to do more than this. 


Hours later, she sighed at the familiarity of the darkness she spent. The same old routine. Each day was different, a new struggle.Yet, they were perennially indistinguishable. 

Lying beside her was he, in deep slumber, the rise and fall of his convex abdomen with each breath he took,  distinct, in spite of the darkness. 

Whether it was cacophonous or alarmingly quiet, she could never figure. All she waited was for the needle to tick by, for the stars to fade, for the first rays of light to appear in the distant horizon 

The whispers, the pointing fingers did not bother her. Neither did the lecherous glares nor, the nefarious smiles. They were all obscurely clear yet, pellucidly indistinct. 

The splash of cold water hit her face, washing away her makeup, removing her mask.

The morning babble emanating from the street outside was welcoming.

She could see him clearly now. Nearing him, she brushed off his disheveled hair falling on his forehead. Before she could inch her lips nearer to his closed eyes, he opened them, threw her a look which he did every morning and bolted towards the bathroom. 

Her silence said “You don’t understand now son. But, one day you will.”

There were questions but to her, her life was pellucid.

He would be gone for the day in an hour, and she, back to her mask a while after that. 

Changing from her garish clothes, she put the money she earned the previous night into her savings box and set to make breakfast for him before he dashed off to school.

He would devour what she was about to cook for him forgetting everything else. He would be her beloved boy again, unadulterated for those few moments. 

A contended smile danced on her lips as she hummed a beautiful tune. 

P.S : Been ages since I posted. By ages I mean ages ! *Sigh* Hoping to bring this page back from the dead.

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  1. Beautifully written! :)
    That said, keep writing...

  2. Thank you steve :)
    Hoping to keep writing !! :)

  3. 'Fan'-'tastic'.......I am a 'fan' have great 'taste' I think I should just 'stick' around as your follower..:-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. LOL... On a vain note, I think you have great taste if you liked my post !! ;-)

    Jokes apart, thank you rahul !!
    The 'rich fabric' comment was gratifying enough

  6. Ohhh this one was simply beautiful...and so sad. I'll read each of your past posts after my exams...I went through them before but this time I'll take my time :)
    I couldn't resist reading this one though, the title drew me to it...and I'm glad it did. I loved it:)

  7. @Cj : First of thank you for reading it out and taking time to comment amidst your busy schedule. Second, you don't need to rush;the blog's here to stay;read and comment when you are free :)

    I somehow don't feel sad about this story in-spite of it having a dark feel; mostly because I believe that as long as a person is happy doing what he/she does. Especially when there's a solid soulful reason behind what you are doing, its all fine.

    This one, according to me is my personal best..I cannot out-beat it no matter what..

  8. Wow!!! Great to see you haven't lost your touch!!! :)


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