Apr 1, 2012

Tattered !

Surrounded she was by sisters and brothers of her kind. 
Yet, her heart yearned for a company, albeit of a different kind.

Bored of the same old conversations with her siblings, she sighed loudly “I wish for someone afar, who would tell me the tales of a different life, of a different existence.

Wishes and dreams, they say come true eventually.  And one day, when she heard the stranger approach her slowly, she knew her dreams had come true.

His initial apprehension ebbed away with her willing submission.

She heard, all that she wanted. Charmed she was, by his ways. His caresses, she enjoyed.

Over the time, she swirled into the breeze, whiffs of mistrust, if there were any.

He was so very gently, so very tender that she did not even notice that he had started devouring her essence of existence. Scars, she oversaw and holes of abuse, she neglected.

"What is a bit of hurt when you love someone truly", she thought.

Warnings, she dint pay heed to. And one fine day, all that was left of her were just threads of tattered dreams for him to walk over.


Inspiration clearly were from the pics clicked by SmartAlec. Thank you for clicking wonderful pictures that almost always tell a story which inspire deep thoughts and make me pen down a few lines from time to time :). Keep clicking !

Even though the story seems to be of a leaf and snail, the occurrence of dreams being ripped off in real life is not uncommon; though in real life, grit and strength to hang in there shall help one recover and emerge stronger to live dreams in spite of the hurt. Hail the undying spirit of human will !

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  1. Its beautifully written..Kudos !

  2. Loved the message,well done!

  3. Very well written,loved the post. The pics are very good.

    1. Thanks D.This post has come to life only because of the wonderful pics :)

    2. Wrong! The pics have come to life thanks to the lovely post :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for dropping by to read Deeksha :)

  5. Like I had commented elsewhere for this amazing post: a picture speaks a thousand words that're left dangling in the air, a myriad untold stories for those who care to look beyond what they see and weave a structured beautiful tale out of them... this fab piece of work by you is an apt example!
    It's such an honor and pleasure to see my pictures coming to life courtesy of your post! :)
    Keep the gems coming!


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