Jun 6, 2012

The longest wait

She wished she could use words to describe, to explain in words what had led to the series of events, of how she faltered. But, would words ever do justice?

She waited, of what seemed to be her longest wait, with every rustle outside, stopping her midway while she pranced to and fro the length of the tiny living room of their one bedroom flat.

She had always known that she was wrong, but she had never pondered; never let guilt taint her heart, never let regret spill into her soul drop by drop. The horrific feeling spread out in her; while every drop like blood spread out on a white garment, slowly engulfing every layer, every thread of her soul.

When had she slipped into the abyss of darkness, despite being careful to jump over each crack each and every time, she never knew ! She hadn't ever realized that she had slipped until, she saw him peering down upon her, from up above. Not a single word was uttered, but she could hear everything that he would say that evening.
So now, she waited, of what seemed her longest wait.

The clock ticked and so did her heart with fear. Tear drops lined by the hem of her eyes, wanting to spill over, to find release; but, she wouldn't let them. She found herself beyond pity, beyond the realm of the comfort of her own tears. Some paths you take in life are like that, you would want even your tears, to desert you.

The most horrific of thoughts crossed her mind with obscene deaths of suicide. Only that, if it happened, she would be a murderer. She hoped that strength had been by his side after he had seen her with another man. She wished for him to be mad, only at her, and not at himself. More than anything she wished, for him to come back home, no matter in what state. She was prepared to face drunken murderous rage.

She waited, of what seemed to be her longest wait, until, she heard the doorbell. Hoping it was him, she opened the door.

He walked past her, placing groceries on the table, never once glancing at her.

Ever since, there had never been a day gone by, without her apologizing, without him accusing her, without them discussing it- only through their eyes.

Words, had evaporated completely but each day she waited, of what seemed to be her longest wait,even after she was buried beneath the earth. But in reality she had buried herself long ago, beneath guilt and the longest wait.

Image by Santiano Caruso. Link here 

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  1. Omg! This one was gross. Improve your writing lady.

    1. Thank you for taking out time to read it. It would help if you could give a detailed feedback. Which part of the writing was gross, according to you - The language or the story ?
      If you are really interested in giving an honest feedback I would welcome it.

  2. The silence of guilt and how it eats a person up.. Very deep post. The picture goes perfectly with the writing.

  3. you should charge us for reading your blog ! I mean it's so good.
    And do tell me when are you bringing out your first book??

    1. Thanks a tonne.. I am overwhelmed by the comment !! :)

      No plans of publishing a book ever. Period ! :P

  4. Longest wait...loved reading this love!!The narration was good....
    P.S- Respect. I saw how you dealt with the anonymous comment. Shows substance :) Respect.


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