May 25, 2012

Compassion ?

There were cold stares, no doubt and each pair of eyes radiated as much hatred as anybody could muster. The sea of hostile eyes was not something she had not expected. What took her by surprise, was that single pair of greenish brown eyes of a stranger. They seemed to be giving a knowing look, a look of apathy and compassion, almost.

The scene didn't change over the next few months. Every hearing was followed by the same looks of animosity. She didn't care as long as she got to see that single pair of eyes that emanated of compassion. She hadn't expected and somehow it kept her going.

 She drew several pairs of eyes on the walls when she felt she couldn't take it any more  Every time she recalled those eyes, it filled her with renewed vigor. No, vigor was not the right word. Vigor to her had meant running in the fields chasing the dandelions by the sunlight. Those days were long gone, trapped in a past she could hardly recollect. Let’s just say the memory of those eyes just filled her with a sense of sanity.

Weird as it might sound, she did not recall the face that contained those eyes. She did not care how the person looked - if those eyes had seen the worldly ways or if they were yet to discover the dark clouds. All she waited was for that fraction of a moment when she could lock her eyes with those eyes when her reasons seemed to come back to her and assure her that she had done everything for the best.

The final hearing was done. Justice that everyone clamored for was served. While being led out, she searched the crowd for that pair of eyes, for one last look, that she could seal forever in her memory, hold it close to her heart and sketch it in every layer of her mind. Maybe she would take one extra second to see the face, one last time to convey her gratitude for the strength she had gained.

“.. and justice has been served. After the speedy trial,The assassin of the revered man of this society is now sentenced for life. May he finally rest in peace!  With cameraman…”

She was frantically searching for those eyes. "One last time. . ", she thought !

Somehow, she felt that they were watching her from somewhere. They did not exhibit compassion this time. They were narrowed as the trigger of the long distance rifle was pulled.

A piercing pain shot in her forehead. She searched for the greenish brown eyes.  But, she never saw them again. She wasn't sure of her reasons any more. And nor of her sanity !

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  1. Loved it the story and your narration . First time here ; looking forward to read more from you ...

  2. Great post dear .. keep it up !!


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