May 19, 2012

Winds of change

She smiled as she passed. Towards her, my heart leapt.
To strings, she was never attached. To her free spirit, I surrendered.

Blinded as I was, by her charm that the winds of change, I never noticed. 

She left but, her essence lingered. Memories of her caresses remained. 
The path she took was where my gaze was fixated. 

By the coaxing breeze, I remained untouched. Bitter, I grew; Cold, I stood.

The winds whistled by, seasons passed; but nothing thawed my icy heart.

By a sudden rustling one morning, I was moved. It wasn't her; but the touch - it seemed so familiar.

Yet again, strings there were none, but by her presence, I didn't want to be altered. A lesson, hadn't I already learnt?

But with time, she persisted, never leaving me, caught in the web of my branches, embracing me tightly even in the harshest of the tempests, this torn kite, she stayed, forever, by my side.

Image Courtesy:flickrhive

Sometimes, all that we need is to wait for the change that the winds bring.

5 tunes:

  1. Beautiful descriptions. It seems like a real story. Couldn't make out that it was a kite you were referring to! Great work !!

  2. A nice piece of writing.
    good one dear .. thankyou so much for me .i checked it out your blog and i really liked it .i am your latest follower :)

    1. Thank you so much Anu. I hope to keep up your readership !

  3. lovely words...beautiful lines!


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