Feb 6, 2012

An evening

An extensive magic canvas, 
Streaks of pink, orange and blue,
Silhouettes of birds flying across the red sun,
By the magic of the enchanting evenings he was awed,
As the cold breeze caressed him, he drew his scarf closer.
The passing  footsteps were not the sound he heard,
Instead, it was the clank of the coins of alms.
Memorized visions from his childhood,
Was all his blind eyes could see!

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  1. So beautiful, Amo...You know I'd read somewhere that "A blind man can create beautiful art if what is in his mind can be passed on to another mind in some tangible form"...I believe this is that tangible form they were talking about...this is what gives meaning to their words, a form to their thoughts, beauty to an already beautiful image which had just gone unseen...Keep it up:)

    1. //A blind man can create beautiful art if what is in his mind can be passed on to another mind in some tangible form !

      Wow What a thought ! Its beautiful.. :-)

      And I feel so honored that you think mine is one such form !
      Thanks you Sweety :)

  2. The beauty of the evening, not seen but felt. Touched my heart. Don’t have enough words to express my emotions. When I feel for the blind beggar simultaneously, I understand that each one sees and feel nature in one’s own way. Good work Amo. Keep it up

  3. The evening sky described so well, I could see the same in my mind.
    One of the most wonderful part of the day is the beautiful evenings
    , the sunset, the vivid mixed colours in the horizon, one feels an inner peace and tranquillity that is hard to express, but I guess every human experiences it if he/she has the time to glance up at the sky at that time.

    So true, even a blind man can envision the beauty of nature, from his past experiences.
    Short but beautiful, I liked this post, very much.

  4. Fantastic!
    I am always amazed by your skill at capturing and depicting scenes beautifully which others would hardly care to observe! People-watching might be many people's hobby, but what you've got is a gift! Somehow your posts give me the goosebumps :)
    Plus, wonderful is the way in which you not just shape feelings using a string of well chosen words, but also shape the entire set of words too (a hexagon in this case!). Add to the aesthetic value of an already good read :)
    Loved the entire composition!


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