Feb 5, 2012

The plunge !

A note : Some ideas just come and you feel the need to express them in a particular way. Most of the times, I write without a particular plot in my head, just going along with the flow of thoughts, letting my fingers type out whatever comes in my head and however it comes out. Here's one attempt in a form a writing that I personally feel that I am not good at. Hoping you all enjoy the read !

The plunge

An escape from tentacles,
Of shackles of boundaries,
The fight to free themselves,
From the withholding barricades.

A journey of success,
To a destiny they had wished for.
A splash and a scream penetrated their world.
Haplessness and distraught was all around!

The pained anxious eyes,
A moment was suffice,
The trodden path spiraled in jeopardy.
A brave heart for an undying sacrifice!

A subtle touch,
A gentle nudge,
An eye lock of assurance
Was all it took.

Taking a dive he plunged deep,
The needle ticked,
Yet time stood still,
The heart beats raced.

Muttered prayers,
Divine promises,
Clasping hands,
Binding love !

Amidst lapping waves,
Fighting the clutches of death
Dragging a little boy,
He emerged victorious.

Bargaining for life,
Battling against fate he returned
To an ecstatic proud lover;
and a little boy to a thankful mother !


Courage is the ability to take a plunge, knowing very well that you might have to sacrifice the trophy of your previous battle!


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  1. You think you're not good at this? Girl, you were amazing! It was so moving, the pictures so clear.. Beautiful writing :)

  2. Wow...This is poetry :) The beautiful choice of words, the story they tell, the feelings they evoke - just amazing! :) Felt everything...fear, desperation, hope, relief, gratitude,love, courage :) I was reminded of a book I read a long time ago - The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks :))

    You're so silly!:/ Not good at this?! Really, just stop saying that! If this is not good, then I don't what is!

    Simply amazing...write more like this too, you'll be surprised at how good at this you really are...I won't be surprised though, I already know how good you are ;):*

  3. Beautifully written Amo. The birth and death are so close together during child birth. Still the mother goes ahead and hopes for the best and ready to go through the pain, the agony, the doubts, the risk and everything just to bring in to this world a bundle of joy. A bundle of joy for not only the mother, the proud father, the prouder grand parents and every one else. Beautifully written. Captured the anxiety of the family so well. Loved it. Keep writing.

  4. Amo, it was sheer magic woven with words, takes the reader to such depths.
    One hardly can breathe, it almost takes your breath away And then one suffices again with his/ her lungs filled with a breath of fresh air and a heart full of joy. What an experience.

    Such a superb way of describe the birth of a new life.

    Incredible writing. I don’t have more words to express my self.

    YOU DO HAVE THE CAPACITY TO GIVE US SUCH GEMS , EACH POST, SO DIVERSE / DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER.I enjoy each of the different flavours you manage to come up with.

  5. Brilliant it is! What a beautiful way of narrating a story! Subtle emotions and hidden feelings captured perfectly!
    And I totally echo the above comment! You have a way with words, and each of your posts is different and is embellished with a unique style!
    Hats off!


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