Feb 21, 2012


Under Evil's shadow,
they assemble!
Sons of inhumanity
And daughters of greed..

Satanic verses,
Sardonic tunes,
Venomous breaths
Selfish intentions
Malevolent desires..

Under superstition’s blanket,
they assemble!
Brothers of greed
And sisters of inhumanity..

Atrocious rancor,
they embrace..
Auspicious rumble,
they await..

To feed to a raging fire, 
A wailing suckling!


3 tunes:

  1. The post painted a true picture of the dark side of (in)human society. We very frequently come across news items about human sacrafice, it's hard to believe that these barbaric practices still exist, but they do, very sad.Very well written, Amo.

    1. Thank you D.. I know this post is very dark and has the capacity to bring in a feeling of distress but the words just came out naturally. Glad that you liked it in spite of all of it !

  2. Wow...you wrote out this piece beautifully...Even though it's dark and depressing, it completely conveys the truth. I still wonder what made you write this? I find it hard to understand and difficult to digest, that practices like these still exist and maybe, always will.
    I loved the choice of words, so much depth each verse...
    Loved it, Amo :)


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