Feb 2, 2012

The unseen rendezvous

Note : This post made it to Super 25 Shortlist of Tumbhi's short story competition 'Somewhere Sometime'.

There were so many who she entertained,
But there was just one, for who, her heart yearned !

His short visits would never suffice. At the break of the dawn he disappeared, leaving her heart broken yet again. She would shrug it off and hide behind a mask of her happy face, alluring every passerby she found. In spite of all the attention they showered, in spite of her offering herself completely to some of them, she never felt the fulfilment that she attained in the wee hours of morning with him. The cycle continued for as long as she could remember. 

While the day progressed, she would conclude that she wouldn’t let him touch her, that she wouldn’t melt in his love, when he came for her. But, when the night gathered the dark blankets, her admirers left her all alone and her thoughts inadvertently went back to him. She held her frail heart in the bellowing wind, whispering her craving for her lover’s company.

Sometime during the night while she tumbled into the yonder of sleep, he would slip in stealthily and slowly surround her. Before she knew it, she surrendered to his cold kiss, holding him close, spending moments of pure bliss until the morning rays knocked on their door. 

Days passed, and she lost her beauty – frail and old she became! Her friends abandoned her for other beauties in their prime. She knew that she had nothing to offer to them. Loneliness was her only company! She wished for the day to go by swiftly, for the night to take over, because, even after her beauty had been vanquished, her lover had not stopped coming back to her. He did not stay longer than he did before, but each parting was different now. Difficult even, because considering her condition, they did not know if she would survive another day in the world. Savoring the little moments they shared, they continued their rendezvous, bidding many of the last good byes each and every time.

The seasons changed and the winds of fury blew. She had no strength to withstand the strong gust and gave in to meet her end.

When she was young, she had once asked him “Why don’t you stay, if you love me.”

To which, he had replied “You should know my darling, that my love for you has always existed, right from the moment I set my eyes on you, when you were just bud sealed in your protective cocoon, knowing that the cruel world waited outside to devour your beauty, but you peeped out one deep red petal at a time, slowly, confidently, swaying delicately in the breeze. I had caressed you before anyone had even discovered your beauty. I thought you loved me because you were young and did not know of the admirers that you would have, once you bloomed. But even now you wait just for me every night. I am jealous of the butterflies and bees for they can bury their secrets in your bosom throughout the day whenever you let them, but I, have just these wee hours in the morning before the sun rays touch us. I have to go leaving you alone because I want to return to you every night. I know that sometimes you wish you wouldn’t melt in my love but the truth is I melt every single day just to be with you. Our moments together might be less but remember my love, I come back only for you. The day you wither I shall annihilate my soul and join you in the ranks of the breeze.” 

The next morning when he visited, he knew she would be gone but he settled over her remains- the scattered petal that she was and the dew that he was, having the last of their unseen rendezvous!

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  1. Master piece Amo, You do write so well. ‎Touched my heart. Just imagine, Dada ‎reading it out to me with chocked voice ‎and husky tone, halting now and again to ‎get back his voice , me still half asleep, ‎enjoying his voice reading out such a ‎fantastic post, written so beautifully. One ‎can’t ask for a better start for a lovely ‎day. Your post made my day. I felt all ‎the emotions of the rose and many more ‎too. Keep writing. Love your writing. ‎Am I lucky to have so many talents in ‎my life. Lots of love. ‎

    1. Thank you so very much :)

      The very fact that Dada read this one out to you would have imbibed some magic into the post ! Super glad that you liked it so much !

      Lots of Love,

  2. I echo the same words that I started off my vocal comment with, after I read this for the first time: "Oh my God!!"
    Amazing work, and it left me awestruck! You write so beautifully, and the reader has no option but to be mesmerized and hypnotized by your brilliant use of words! The ending of the post though delightful left me feeling sad because I felt that I wanted to read more :)
    Keep up the display of awesome writing skills!

    1. :D
      And I gushing as much as I did after I heard your comment the other day !

      Thank you Appu :)

  3. Yup, I agree with Appu completely! That's exactly what I felt and exactly what I said to myself after reading your post...Oh my God! What a way to write! It just blew me away totally! Amo, you're so good at this...You know, it's like your words (such beautiful ones) cast a spell on the reader. It's simply "enchanting" :)

    Please teach me something :) I wish I could even think of something like this...This is officially my favourite post (for now), because I know you'll write out another one of these jems with your magical quill ;) soon enough :D

    Loved it!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sweety ! I dunno how I wrote it. I can only go back and read it and wonder if I really wrote it ! :P

      This is one of my favourite posts too ! So very glad that you liked it this much :)

  4. Wah =P

    The way u portray love between the natural elements and even maybe abiotic components, is just mesmerising. I think to myself - here we go another boring love story and am quite amazed towards the end. Having me to read it all over again, from a different perspective.

  5. “The day you wither I shall annihilate my soul and join you in the ranks of the breeze.”

    That’s a wish, true lovers would always love to make. The post was beautiful. I was just overwhelmed with emotions that were stirred with your beautiful way of narrating the feeling of a Rose, during it’s short life circle. And a rose with dew drops on it’s petals in the morning , there’s nothing more beautiful & pleasing, than that for one’s eyes.

    Amo, I must say, nowadays you have become, very good at keeping the readers in suspense, right till the end, I love the way you do that. Loved the entire post, & love you too kid.

    1. Thank you so very much Dada but nobody can beat you or Sweety when it comes to suspense :)

      Love you loads too !


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