Feb 18, 2012

Flowers - 55fiction #3

Taking one tiny footstep at a time, she crawled up the hill, to find the flowers of every color she wanted. Red, pink, yellow, orange and even blue! Picking two of each, she traced back her path, content.

Her father had finally returned from the war.

Smiling, she carefully laid her collection on his coffin !

7 tunes:

  1. Very nice one Amo. Loved it. Very touching. You people are getting better with each post. Keep it up and do write often.

  2. Short,Sweet but Sad.I liked it.

  3. So i counted the words. First 55fiction i read. Dint even know these existed. :P

    Its touching, and pleasant. :)

    1. I am guessing its you D11 :)
      Thank you for dropping by and glad you liked it :)

  4. Sad yet very nice! And as expected of you 55fiction exponents, a neat twist in the end :)


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