Jan 31, 2012

Fire and Ice - 55fiction # 1

"Fire and Ice" he ordered the barman; his eyes fixated at her on the dance floor as she surrounded herself with total strangers.

He lit a cigarette casually.
She alone knew of what he burned inside. Smiling, she headed towards him. 

Her icy cold lips met his,dousing the fire she had lighted, yet, again!


P.S : My first attempt at 55fiction

5 tunes:

  1. Very Sweet and Very short. Loved it. Both my ‎girls writing about the same thing, one inspired ‎by the other and both doing justice to their ‎thoughts. Lovely Amo, Keep it up. You first ‎attempt at 55 fiction is very very nice. Looking ‎forward to your next post. ‎

    1. So glad you happened to like it M. Yes, Sweety's version was a surprise coz this was something I wrote in just a jiffy without much thought and she churned such a beautiful piece, reading well in between the lines and writing exactly what I had in mind :)

  2. Hi Amo, loved this one , so short yet complete, very good for a first attempt at 55 word fiction.Loved the scene you created.Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you D. Nice to know you enjoyed the read. :)

  3. Wowie! So you jumped aboard the 55fiction bandwagon, and in such style! Bravo! This one's a gem, and can be interpreted in so many ways (as is evident by the entries in another famous blog :D)
    Great going! And needless to say, you've taken the lead and others will follow... which, needless to say, means a treat for us readers :)


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