Dec 4, 2011

She never cried !

Her parents thought she was an amazing baby;
In spite of the lack of somebody to cradle,
the grandmother wondered why she never cried.

Her brother thought she was an amazing playmate;
In spite of the toddler pinching her hard,
the mother wondered why she never cried.

Her friends thought she was an amazing shoulder to lean on;
In spite of their bitching about her,
the brother wondered why she never cried.

Her husband thought she was an amazing wife;
In spite of him cheating on her,
the friend wondered why she never cried.

Her children thought her as an amazing mum;
In spite of the difficulty they posed in their growing years,
the husband wondered why she never cried.

There came a day when her husband passed away;
In spite of her ill-health amidst this,
the children wondered why she never cried.

The little granddaughter thought she was an amazing grandma;
to have never cried and been so strong all through the years
“You shall be my idol”, she proclaimed.
But when she was being taken away to an old age home,
the little girl wondered why she cried!


The original poem was written by me way back in 2002. Tried rewriting it with some editions and published in Infy blogs sometime in July.

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  1. Beautiful Amo:)...I was wondering when you'd write again when suddenly I noticed on my page that you had posted something new about 5 hrs ago and then I rushed here...

    Isn't this the way a woman's life really is? I read somewhere that "A woman's life can really be a succession of lives"...and I guess in each of these lives(lifes), she lives for someone else...and you said it all here beautifully.

    And you say you wrote this in 2002? Why has it been hiding ever since then?!
    Come on now, out with whatever else you're hiding...I'd love to read them :)
    I'll be waiting...

  2. That was very beautifully written,
    the end was very touching. In today's
    world It's a very sad reality that we
    don't have the time or compassion in our hearts to take care of own old folks. and we are so callous and send them to old age homes.AND I WONDER HOW WE DO THIS, AND WHILE DOING THIS ,WHY WE DON'T CRY?

  3. @Cj : Thank you soo much.. I am too very occupied to come up with something new so I thought I'll post all my write ups from the company's blog here until I write something new.

    Yes totally true about how women's life is a consortia of sorts of the various lives she lives.

    Times surely have changed and some women do surely live for themselves; but, somehow at one point , they find happiness in living for somebody else. If only all those "somebody"s would appreciate the efforts she puts in and understand her, the world would be a better place :)

    Well, I had totally forgotten about it and somehow the words came back to me in July when I was thinking about something; published it in Infy blogs at that time..

    And yes, you shall read all the ramblings I dole out :)

  4. @John Uncle : Yes, something that really bothers me all the time is how old folks are just sent off to old age homes :(

    From what I have observed, people who find the strength to stand brave in all situations break when they are pushed to a demeaning life of living in a old age home. What's demeaning is that their own kin have the heart to abandon them :(

    People just need to wake up and stop being selfish when it comes to their own parents who have put in all their energies just for the well being of the kids.

    Thank you for reading :)

  5. Hey hey hey! Look who's here :))
    Welcome back... we missed you and your lovely posts!
    Beautifully written as always... somehow I remembered this post when I saw the video about the man who never cried (You know that clown one shared on FB) And where have I read this before?! :D
    And seriously, bring out the hidden gems written earlier, and let not rust settle upon your gift with words, and your superb observation and imagination! :)

  6. @Smarty : Well techniclly speaking i am not back to writing but nevertheless thanks for the warm welcome back :P

    Yes I remembered this too when I saw the video so posted this poem here :)

    Hoping to write more rather than using old ones !! But you know the writers block :(


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