Nov 17, 2011


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The clock struck ten.

He stared at the wooden floor. The yellow lighting of the bulb that swayed, cast long shadows of all the objects around. It was unbelievably quiet. The only noise was the fast breathing of the slender woman in front of him.

She was dressed in a brown flowing long skirt, a white shirt and a brown waistcoat. Her hair was tied into a ponytail with a few strands of hair falling on her face. Her face was what people referred to as angelic. The glow of the light made her face more radiant. In the entire gloomy setting she stood out, like a fair angel.

“Irony”, thought he.

He looked at the horrified expression on the beautiful face.

He told her loudly “Today it will end!”

She took a step forward and looked at him pleadingly. The pained expression of hers was heart wrenching. But, he wasn’t going to fall for that one. In a slow practiced action he yanked his pistol that was tucked behind his back with his right hand and pointed it towards her. It was heavy.

She begged him “Pleaase listen to me! Forgive me. I know I have betrayed your trust but you do not need to do this.”

Seeing no change in his demeanor she continued “We can sort this out. I have acted with best interests in my heart”

“What could I have done John? I was alone and scared. I waited for you. You never came. With every minute I was losing it. I had no other way out. I kept a lookout for you and have always waited. I have always cared for you. You know that. It never ceased!” she cried, the pain in her voice evident.

“Lies”, he bellowed like a mad man as the lightening flashed. It was followed by the heavy rumbling noise of thunder. It was as if hell was unleashing fury on the mortals.

He looked like a man in agony in spite of the anger emanating from his actions.

With a wail, she knelt down and screamed out “O Gods! Spare my poor John of this misery. I can see him caught between sorrow and fury. I am the one who wreaked this wretch upon us both. He needn’t turn into a killer because of the devil in me”, she sobbed.

His arms slackened at the sight of beautiful Margaret looking so pitiful.

In a flurry of movements he saw a metal vase come hurling down at him. He ducked and the vase crashed into the glass table behind him.

Enraged, he stepped forward towards her.

She had seized the opportunity when he had mellowed down, to grab the vase by the low table next to her where she was kneeling and had hurled it at him. What she hadn’t anticipated was his unusually quick reflexes .He had always been slow witted.

Still seated, looking at him recoil, she moved herself backwards with the thrust of her legs and hands which seemed to quiver with fear. She looked pitiful. It seemed so wretched to unleash such wraith on a beautiful creature like her.

His movement further near her made her shudder.

He put his left hand on her head.

Stroking her hair,sighing, he said, “I cannot kill you. Even though you hurled the vase at me, I know you did it out of despair. It brought me out of my madness”.

When she looked at him with a doubt, he knelt in front of her, one leg on the ground and one leg bent, lifted her chin up and said “You are too beautiful to die, my love. Promise to never betray or leave me ever again.”

The contours on her face relaxed and she broke into her enchanting smile.

“Never! Never again shall I hurt you”, she crooned.

He looked into her brown eyes and bent closer to her face.

Truly convinced that she was out of any eminent danger for at least that period of time, she leaned forward to kiss him.

A gunshot that reverberated through the surroundings could be heard the very next moment !




The survivor looked at the lifeless body sprawled on the floor one last time and walked out of the door.


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