Dec 27, 2011


The day and the night;
Your hands and mine.

The lightening and the rain;
Your eyes and mine.

The sky and the clouds;
Your thoughts and mine.

The stars and the moon;
Your dreams and mine.

The clashing waves and the thunder
Your beating heart and mine.

Heaven and earth;
Your life and mine.

Interweaved threads of two souls;
The breeze and the swaying creeper;
You and I.


Wrote these random lines over a week ago. Random, yes; but the way I see it and feel it,its true.

P.S: I so wish I had the ability to express feelings in poetic words. I try and each time I feel dissatisfied that I just cant seem to find the right words and put them in the right places!

5 tunes:

  1. Amo, that was beautiful. I just loved it, random thoughts ,expresses so beautifully,I even loved each word you chose to weave your poetry.Good girl.Love you kid.

  2. One of the most beautiful lines I've ever had the pleasure of reading! :) Loved the way you expressed your feelings...each word you used, I could understand why it was used...every emotion, I could see you going through...

    Loved it totally and you don't need rhyming words...your work takes poetry to a new level, Amo. Love you :*

  3. @D : Thank you so much :)
    Somehow whenever I hear 'Good girl' I remember Christmas and the time spent there :).Love you loads too :)

    @CJ : Thank you so much sweetz.. As i said it was just random words. I wont call it poetry. And for rest of the praises showered, you are so very biased- aren't you ? :D
    Love you :* :*

  4. @Ankit Aggarwal - Thank you :)


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