Jul 25, 2008

Times change

Remember the day you held me last,
Oh ! the times change so fast…!!
The sand clock has turned,
Over and over again, in my mind the memories are churned..!!
Those times when you made sure I always had a smile on my lips,
Each moment, like the pages of a book it flips,
To reveal yet another one.
But now the damage is done.
Those times are over,
I understand nothing is forever.

8 tunes:

  1. One of ur best works!!!! keep em rollin gal!!!! :-)

  2. its luvly..bringin out d best in u thru a gud media..keep bringin em' on..

  3. nice work...but it ended 2 abruptly..mzke tht slight change n it'll b really good...

  4. @ pathfinder,
    even i think tht it doesn end a bit abrubtly but thn it was a spontaneous poem.. n i really dint have the heart to tamper it..

  5. really nice.. keep up the work..!!


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