Jul 26, 2008

The most beautiful girl

She looked into the mirror. Its reflection showed the face of a fair complexioned girl with delicate features. Her hazel eyes had innocence and frank curiosity. Her wavy black hair made her all the more stunning. She turned a little to her left first, then to her right and examined herself. She brushed her hair a little, set up one particular fringe on the forehead. She smiled. Acknowledging that she looked stunningly beautiful in her all black outfit , complete with the chain and the bracelet he had gifted her. The thought of him made her feel warm from within. She was ready for him. He would definitely be enthralled to see her like this.

He was waiting. He had finally managed to find time in his heavily busy schedule. He regretted not meeting her often but there was little he could do. Just a few more minutes and he would see his darling.

As she stepped out he looked at her with love filled eyes.

There was only thing he could think. ‘ She is the most beautiful girl’.

Walking a few steps she jumped into his arms. He lifted her and placed a kiss over her forehead.

Missed you daddy..!!’ she said, tightly clinging her 8 year old self on to him.

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  1. another winner frm the mighty word bank of Amogha...[:)]

  2. hey nice works!!! :) I have another humor piece coming up :P I ll post it tomorrow!! :)

  3. hey u wrote this?
    its good , nice detail!
    but leaves a lot of questions unanswered!
    but thats how it should be!

  4. @ axat,
    :D thanx

    @ archana,
    thanx sweetie.. i m waiting for yer next post..

    @ isaac,
    thanx :)

  5. lol..!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!


  6. u've real good patience...work s superb.. i was just in search f blog lik dis....


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