Jul 11, 2009

The final Victory


‘Em ? Listen .. Wait !! Don’t walk away. We need to talk alright?’

‘About what? There’s nothing to talk about. Lets get to work.’ Flexing her hands and crouching she said ‘Ready ?’

‘ Easy..!!!’ said Carl desperately , ‘ Please listen to me once’

Emesme looked at the handsome man in the tuxedo staring at her. She hated that particular stare of Carl. It made her existence complicated. She wanted to run to him and let go of everything else she valued but deep inside she knew she could never lead such a life. She was born to do the work she was doing. It gave her peace and it gave her the satisfaction that she was on top of the world.

‘ I’ll give you 2 minutes’ said Em

Carl took a step closer and put the strand of hair falling on her face behind her ear. He could feel her breathing get heavy.

She was the most beautiful and the most intriguing woman he had met. He had had a million affairs. The rest were just dolls compared to her. They were dumb and were like gadgets to be used whereas she was challenging. Intelligent. The a perfect rival for him.

He remembered the first time he had met her. He had been beaten for the first time in his life. The antique worth over 2 million dollars was his target and he had had months of planning to get. By the time he could lay his hands on it he sneezed and by the blink of his eye he saw that she had the piece in one hand a spray in the other hand and the look of satisfaction on her face.

Then had started the cat and mouse game between them. They were rivals in every sense. Whichever con game he played, she was the perfect opponent. Both had equal scores against each other. He hated her. He was drawn to her. He was the best man at planning and getting away. No other person had ever come close to his way other than her.

He had so gotten used to seeing her plotting for the same price as he that once he waited for her arrival, near one painting that he was supposed to steal . After a long wait he realized that she was not going to come and started to walk away dejected not wanting to take the glory of it without a proper game. And just as he had turned his back she sprang from the ceiling dressed in black and snatched the painting from the secure walls.

With each passing check mate that they had issued each other he knew that their desire to belong to each other had grown. It became an obsession. Just the proximity in which they operated would get their heart thumping. It was painful to know that his both passions were colliding. The passion he held for his con and the passion for her. He knew which was greater and decided to end it all.

‘Your time is running out’ uttered Em.

The scent of her breath got his hormones rushing. He wanted to lose himself in the pleasure that both of them could experience only with each other. They were soul mates. Part of the soul that was caught inside each of them was throbbing to unite. He could wait no longer. Neither could she.

‘We have played enough with each other darling. Lets start something better than what we are caught up with’, said he.

The honey timber like voice of his made her melt. She started to say ‘You really think I get …’ he interrupted her placing his mouth on hers.

That was the end of the discussion. Hours later, with both their physical selves exhausted but the desire still burning deep, they realized what they were meant to be for each other. Their love and passion for each other was insatiable. They could go on like this forever.

She got up from among covering herself with the sheets. He pulled her back kissed her deeply and said ‘Let me fix u a drink baby’

He fixed two glasses of martini with a dash of lime. He asked her ‘ Do you want some add on ?’

‘ Yeah put a das of sweet syrup in both of them and you’ll see the difference it makes from the drink you have mixed’

He came back with the glasses and carefully climbed in to the bed. She smiled at him and thanked him.

‘Lets drink for us baby’ said he and she came forward and kissed him so passionately that he wanted to throw away and get back to heaven.

‘Yes Carl’.

They toasted ‘To Us’, and took a sip each.

‘ Hmmm Em, I dint know sugar could work wonders on this drink’ Said Carl.

‘ Well woman know what exactly is the best right honey? And I knew right from the beginning what I have wanted. This is our destiny and I have waited Carl’

He took more sips and said ‘ Feels so great now having the best woman by my side and having my favorite drink altered to be the best. I realize what I was missing. I’ve finally found the missing part in me. I am reaching peace’ said he staring at her.

Seeing that she was listening intently he continued ‘You have no idea since how long I’ve waited. It seems like now is the perfect time for the perfect ending. You don’t realize the emotions you’ve stirred in me Em ever since the first time you thwarted me. The man in me was raging to be at peace and now its going to be satisfied way beyond it was ever.’

In a fraction of second he drew a gun, a mantissa model. By the time she could gather her wits her fear showed on her face. He aimed at the pint below her ribs and fired. She wouldn’t die immediately. He wanted time until she heard every bit of what he had to say. It pained him to see her go stiff but he was satisfied.

‘Em, you can hear me right ?. I love you but I love my work more. You satisfy me way beyond my cravings but I was born to be number one and I couldn’t let you thwart me every time. I was drawn to the woman you were but it gave me sleepless nights. I was born to win and finally I have check mated you in this game of our. Rest in peace, love’ Said he and kissed her forehead.

He got up and kicked her off the bed, and took his position on it and loudly said ‘ I am the king and the throne shall belong only to me’ and finished the drink.

She was mumbling something in her deathbed. He walked near her wanting to get the final satisfaction of hearing her last words of fear and defeat. This was by far his most victorious fight he had knowing never again would anybody challenge him. He bent closer and once again felt his heart cringing at the pathetic sight of her. She was a lovely devil.

‘Carlll , you havvve nottt won’, she slurred on her words ‘ I’veee checkkk mmmated you aaas well. Yyourrr drinnkk….’ her voice trailed of f ...

He could feel himself choking. He clutched his throat and spat out blood. Before he could shout at her ‘ B- I – t- c-‘ he collapsed dead right over her body.

She choked at the weight for the last time and smiled a win and took her last breath. She Had devised to kill him and reach the top as well. She was tired of being drawn to his manliness. She knew from her past experiences that men would just use women and she had hated the idea of her belonging to anybody. She was exhausted by her attraction to Carl and had decided to end it by poisoning him. It was the final victory

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  1. Your work?? Wow!!! I just loved it :)

  2. yeah thank you.. but i think some alien wrote it :P

  3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith!!!!
    u know what i'll create a template saying...'wow...awsome work'...it'll save me time...typing it again & again!!! [:D]


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