Sep 14, 2008

Fury of the hell

Enveloped in darkness,
Seated beside the window..

Drops of rain splattering on my face…

Lightening illuminating the scene for a split second..
I see the trees fighting the mighty wind

The thunder sends a shiver down my spine..

The memories of the past haunt me..

Nature seems to have understood me perfectly well…
Its reflecting the raging storm within me..

I so wish the drops from the heaven would wash away the pain I feel within..
But, I realize that, today its no ordinary rain..

Indeed it seems like the fury of the hell,
my broken self…!

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hhhmmm.... nice nice...
    but ur broken side?? ur fury?? :P lolz wats that? haha.
    nice description... but try to write on somthing more mild.. it will be more interesting. :)


  3. ummm....dont mind me!!! but cant you write about sumthing happier!!! hey i'm no one to comment on the work...its anothr good piece...but ur blog is getting sort of monotonous.... If u want ur blog to be about 'Darkness' nd stuff...thrs no problem!!!! :)

  4. @ harjith... thanx.. this was just random thoughts one dark night sometime :P

    @ akshat.. thanx for the advice.. will surely put up better stuff next time.. n by now m sure u know the reasons as to y this was posten as explained in ur scraps .. :P


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